How to Use the Bowling Score Calculator

Enter each player's name(s) or the game number in the Player field.
Then enter your scores in each frame.

The ball entry fields only allow the numbers 0-9. First ball fields also allow an X, and second ball fields also allow a /.

Click on the pin diagram for each frame to toggle the pins from "knocked down", to "left standing", to "missed on spare ball" (by default, all pins are down, so if you get a strike, you don't need to toggle any pins).

Pin was knocked down

Pin was not knocked down on first ball

Pin was not knocked down (missed) on second ball

The Clear Values button will clear all fields, including Player Name and pin diagrams.

It is expected that you enter data sequentially, from frame 1 to frame 10. However the program doesn't verify that you do so, which will cause an incorrect score calculation. This is corrected by filling in the rest of the frames (in any order, as long as they are all correctly filled). This is by design, so you have maximum flexibility to edit/fix scores, and also to score "what-if" games.

TruScore (tm) shows what your actual current score is based on your latest roll. The POSTED score will still wait for enough rolls to calculate your score.

Max Score is calculated based on the POSTED score, not on actual rolls. So if you have a score of 105 on frame 5, but then you get a spare on frame 6, we are still waiting on the results of your next roll, so the Max Score is calculated based on your score of 105, and doesn't count the spare you just rolled. You could argue either way, but I've chosen to calculate based on the actual POSTED score, as your new score is technically still PENDING.

Because BSC is written in flash, you cannot save what you have inputted, but you can use your browser's Print function to print a nice chart for your records. If a printer isn't handy, take a printscreen of the browser (Alt-PrtScr) and save it to your laptop for later printing.

FL-BSC is tested on Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows, Firefox on Linux, and Safari on Mac OS X. It should work on other modern graphical browsers as well, but if you have problems, please submit bugs (and feature requests) at Logo Hosted by